Music and shoes
Some recommended music
If you'd like to get hold of some tango music, here's a good
place to start.  You can find these easily on Amazon or iTunes.

Carlos Di Sarli: A la Gran Muñeca (Traditional)
Juan D'Arienzo: 20 Exitos de D'Arienzo (Traditional)
Ricardo Tanturi: Una Emoción (Traditional)
Gotan Project: La Revancha del Tango (Tango Nuevo)
Carlos Libedinsky: Narcotango (Tango Nuevo)

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For men:
there are three main choices: simple ballroom-style;
sneaker-style; or jazz shoes (a slightly cheaper but less
hard-wearing option for practice).  The important things are that
the shoe fits very closely to the foot; the material is very soft; the
sole is leather or suede.  (If you go for a sneaker-style, make sure
it's very slim-fitting, not at all chunky around the edge.)

For women: when you first start you'll need shoes with a
medium heel, as these will feel much more stable than a high
heel.  It's important that the shoe is a very tight fit - you'll
probably find you take at least a half-size smaller than in a street
shoe.  Here are some options:  
Mr Tango; Very Fine.

Where to buy: Amy's Shop has a great selection of different
brands, styles and prices.  Amy is a regular at our milonga on
Wednesdays, so she can give you personal advice, or bring shoes
for you to try.  There are several shops on Drury Lane that have
basic dance shoes.